Health and Safety

Of paramount importance to us, is the safety of our workers, subcontractors
and clients. We have a long history of safety within our organization where
accidents are extremely infrequent.

The main objective of Safety Regulations is to avoid human suffering from  injuries and damage to properties. At SBEL compliance to our health and safety policy is extremely paramount and is upheld in the strictest of manners.

Adequate signage is posted at all our jobsites to warn and reinforce the use of
personal protective equipment (PPE). In, addition, persons employed with us must undergo random drug tests to ensure that they don’t pose a threat at the site. 

To minimize the threats and risk to life and limb, we ensure our workers utilize safety equipment which
include: –

• Induction – Staff Safety Training
• Regular maintenance of equipment
• Back support wear
• Goggles
• Hard hats
• Gloves
• Face masks
• Reflective vests
• Steel tipped shoes
• Random drug tests

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